Privacy Policy

As part of our mission to bring the world to one place, making everything easier to get to, we give you the power to share information. This policy will describe what information we collect and how we use it.

In this policy SkiveCore will be refereed to as "SkiveCore", "us", "we", or "Our"
What kind of information do we collect?
Things you do and information you provide. While you are on our website, we save certain information about the way you act on our website to tailor the experience to you, and filter our results based on what is the most helpful.

Other information we save is information you provide, such as pictures, videos, music, your name, email and other information you provide while using our services.
Things other people provide. We also collect information when others use our services, which may also include information about you, such as pictures, videos and posts.
Your connections. While you are using our services and adding friends and talking to other members, we are collecting this information to tailor your experience around what you do, this includes your friendships and your conversations.
Device information. When using our website, we collect information about the type of device you are using so that we can build our platform for many types of products and computer screens, some of the information we gather include:

Operating systems, Device location, Browser type, Language and time zone and IP address.
How do we use this information?
Provide, Improve, and Develop Services. We are able to provide and develop services based on the activities you do on our website, we use this information to determine what our members like to do the best, with information provided through our support panel to improve the quality and functionality of our services.

This information is also used to tailor our services to you by using your connections and security settings to show our hide your information to individual users.
Communicate with you. We also use information you provide so that our administrators can contact you and help you with using our services, we also use your information so that our products can let you know about updates to our services, terms, or privacy policy.
How is this information shared?
People you share and communicate with. When communicating with users on our website, that user will be able to see your name and profile picture, plus any information you share in chat with them.

When using our services any one you friend on our service will be able to see any content you share on your profile unless you set your security settings to do otherwise.

In other ways, if you share information with certain users, they may download and or reshare that information to a larger group of members.
People that see content others share about you. Other ways people may see information you have shared is if a user shares something you have posted such as a picture or post.

If you have a concern about stuff another member is posting about you, you may report the post and have an administrator take it down.
Third party companies SkiveCore is a privately owned company and does not share information with any other companies. We strive to make sure our members feel 100% safe while using our services and that is why we keep your information on our servers, and never share information with third party sites.
Advertisements Our website uses a third party advertisement service "Google Adsense", You may visit there website to view what they use to personalize advertisements, but we do not push any information to there systems to tailor advertisements.
How can I manage or delete information about me?
You can manage the information shared by visiting your account settings page and view how and where it is shared.

We only store data for as long as we need it to tailor and manage our services, if we get rid of a product, all the information used to run that product will also be gone and no longer shared with anyone.
Date of last revision: May 26th, 2015.