CEO, Chairman, CPO And Founder  Zachary Clinko

As CEO Zachary is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. He founded DaParadise in 2012 and grew the team from 4 people to 17 working on different departments of the company. He is working with teachers at North Technical Highschool and getting the company to work with classes in the St. Louis area. Also as the Programming officer, he works on every version of the website and building the mobile versions to bring the website to as many platforms as possible.

President  Bryan Clinko

As president of the company, Bryan helps with spreading the company into new areas and helps invest into new areas and working with the technologies to keep the company running.

Chief Digital Officer, Chief Legal Officer  Steven Szerzinski

As the CLO and CDO Steven is responsible with building the terms of use and privacy policy for the company. He helps choose the newest designs and testing of the newest versions of the website.

Chief Financial Officer  Peggy Clinko

As the chief Financial Officer, peggy is responsible for every investment DaParadise makes to stay a free service. She helps make any financial decisions for our newest creations and deciding what should and shouldn't be the next move for the company.

Chief Ideas Officer  Tre Malik

As the Chief Ideas Officer, Tre works on making new areas of the company. He is responsible for making sure the new ideas for the company becomes a reality and is a reasonable and working idea that fits in with DaParadise's beliefs.

Chief Content Officer  Crystal Clinko

As the Chief Content Officer, Crystal is responsible for making the final drafts of all the content that goes into any program created by DaParadise. She is responsible for making sure the content created in the graphics department is top quality and acceptable for the website.