Here at SkiveCore, we believe in providing quality content, and running a free service, our profit comes from ads. A ton of websites rely on advertisements (herein "ads") so they can continue to provide a free website while making a little money to support the website. Unfortunately, more and more people are starting to use ad blockers to block out ads. Here at SkiveCore, we rely on Google to provide our ads, so we know the ads we put on our website are safe. We ask that you do not use an ad blocker on our website so we can continue to provide a free social network for all of you, the customers we greatly appreciate! :)

  Most ad providers stay away from popup ads or ads that automatically start playing sound unless you specifically ask them to play sound (such as watching a video or playing a game). But here at SkiveCore we don't have sound ads or popup ads (most sites that do are sketchy any ways). And we keep our ads streamlined in with the content and in places where content doesn't move over to. We also have ways you can get ads removed if you want by using your credits to do so, the credits you earn are earned by inviting friends and simply using the our site. So you can get ads removed without using an adblocker, or paying to remove ads! But think about the companies behind your favourite sites, they wouldn't be able to operate if you block the ads.

How do internet ads work?
  Lets talk more about how ads work. People tend to say all ads work the same, internet, television, radios, billboards, etc. But they don't, internet ads use a script to detect the number of users that visit a site and view a specific ad. These view are counted up, and every 1,000 views of ads, the company gets paid. But, internet ads also track how many times people click on those ads, and then detects how quickly they close that page. Internet ads are completely different then the typical TV and radio ads, that determine if X amount of people see the ad Y amount will visit it. The internet is a lot more accurate then that.

  Now you might say, well by blocking ads, the script still runs, it'll count as a view, right? Wrong, when you block ads, these ad blocking technologies blocks the scripts from running altogether blocking it from displaying in the browser at all. Similar to how our program works to where you can get ads removed from the website for the month. But ours works much cleaner in removing the ads from our site, because it removes the annoying boxes that hangs around after an adblocker program removes the ads.
What about Malware?
  SkiveCore is always working to make sure that users are safe when using our website. And we made sure to get our advertisements from a trustful source that we know wont let any "questionable" ads through there systems, so we got our advertisements from Google. Google is big on making sure that they don't give there users poor ads, annoying ads, or ads that could possible hurt there users computers. We want to be sure that our users can feel safe and at ease when using our website. So we make sure to give the best quality, and safest website that we can provide. If you feel an ad is harmful in some way, please contact google here.